S&box Gameplay & Content

Welcome to Crayz.tv!

Hello everybody, I hope you had an excellent new years! To kick off 2018, I am opening up my official website! I will be putting work into the website as time goes on, so expect to see changes. Feel free to participate in the forums and post feedback or bug reports if you see something that doesn’t look right.

Why create a website?

It’s important to have a proprietary publishing platform to assist with YouTube and other social media platforms. And I thought it would be a fun project.

Viewers & members

I respect the lurk. I’m a lurker myself. If you’re not keen on taking part in discussions and whatnot, no hard feelings, I totally understand. For those of you who do enjoy taking part in discussions, I will be actively watching the comments and forums. If you’d like to discuss a specific topic or have questions, don’t hesitate to post. YouTube comments section is great as well, it doesn’t have to be here.

Looking ahead

I want to publish articles to support my video content. These articles might consist of reviews, guides, tutorials (S&box/C#/etc), or just random bullshittery if I get bored. Video content is good, and video content backed by text content is great.